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Kimberly Elliot–Spiritual Director:
     Your Divine

I am an ordained minister and a trained Spiritual Director and Reiki practitioner whose delight is to serve as spiritual guide and companion - to help you deepen your connection with the mystery of Divine presence, assisting you in becoming more aware of the movement of Spirit in your life. 

While I work with people from all different backgrounds, I specialize in helping women experience vitality as they heal from the wounds of a patriarchal society and reclaim the power and presence of the Sacred Feminine in their lives. 

Sessions are available via Zoom, or in person in San Anselmo, CA. I offer a free , twenty minute phone consultation  to see if this is right for you. Visit the 'Services' page above for more information.


Visit the 'About' page for a description of Spiritual Direction, the "Energy Healing' page for Reiki and Tree of Life/Kabbalah sessions, and the 'Background' page to view my experience. 

I believe that we are all loved unconditionally and cherished by God/Goddess- The Beloved, Divine Life Force. I work with people of all different ages from a variety of backgrounds, and am a proud ally and advocate of the LBGTQ community. 

For more information about the progressive, Sacred Feminine affirming church I currently serve, visit

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