Spiritual Direction Services: 

Free 20 min consultation

I am happy to schedule a free, twenty-minute phone consultation prior to our first visit to hear about what you are looking for and to allow you to see if this feels like a good fit.


Hourly Sessions

Most sessions are one hour in length, with a frequency of  once a month (unless you feel the need to meet more often). You are free to stop scheduling sessions at any time.



My standard rate is $125/hour, however during this unusual time during the Covid-19 period, I am offering a rate of $100/hour. If that amount is a hardship for you, I am willing to offer a sliding scale on a case by case basis.


Zoom sessions 

While spiritual direction sessions are often in person, zoom also works well. After our initial twenty minute consultation by phone, we can schedule additional appointments via Zoom if you do not live in the area or prefer the convenience of zoom. 


Cancellation Policy

I require 24 hour notice to cancel an appointment. If less than 24 hours is given I ask that the standard appointment fee be provided.

Sacred Ceremonies

I enjoy facilitating sacred ceremonies and rites of passage rituals. I feel a special calling to officiate sacred wedding ceremonies and have my own wedding website, I also offer spiritual support to couples who have been recently wed. 

I also lead and design sacred ritual to honor the turning of the wheel of the year such as the solstices, equinoxes and cross quarter shabbats. 


Other types of sacred ceremonies may include major milestones such as birth (baby blessing and/or prayers with the mother prior to delivery), death (ceremony for a peaceful transition),  coming of age ceremony, or other rites of passage that would benefit from a bit of extra spiritual support.

Feel free to contact me via email to set up a free phone consultation to discuss the facilitation of a ceremony or blessing.