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Find Inner Balance through the Tree of Life

Knowledge of the frequencies of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah can help you balance your own energies of yin and yang within yourself to create your own inner Sacred Marriage. 

This helps create more peace, calm, joy and health  throughout your whole system. The Tree of Life can also help you strengthen your vertical Sacred Marriage by integrating your lower personalities with your Higher Self/Divine Presence, helping you to heal blocks and fulfill your Divine purpose on earth.


I have been studying Kabbalah as an active member of a Kabbalah Mystery School since 2002. My teachers (Megan Wagner and Jim Larkin) studied with Rabbi Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi in London for nine years before bringing these teachings back to California and founding their own mystery school. Our lineage is part of the Toledo Tradition which traces its roots back to Issac the Blind and 12th century medieval Spain. I apply my knowledge of the energies of the Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder to both my spiritual direction and Reiki sessions. (Scroll down to learn the advantages of combining Reiki together with spiritual direction.) 


Reiki Rebalancing

Two Japanese characters combine to form the word 'Reiki': Rei (Universal Consciousness) and Ki (Vital Life Force Energy). One translation of Reiki is "bringing Spirit into form" and another, "the flow of Universal Life Force". Others simply refer to it as "the frequency of love". (Terry Attwood, Frequency of Love, Book I) .  

Reiki is one of the most effective relaxation and stress-reduction techniques available. It is a powerful, yet very gentle method of restoring depleted energy and rebalancing the body, mind and spirit to promote healing, wellness and a sense of restored wholeness. It helps restore vital energy and support a vibrant immune system. It also assists in clearing negative energy from a person's auric field. 

In the Reiki sessions I offer, I also connect with your own spirit guides and angels (along with the presence of Yeshua, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene if you so desire) and work with them to support your healing and rebalancing. Reiki sessions can be combined with a spiritual direction session (90 min session) where the last 30 - 45 min of the session are spent on the massage table (fully clothed) and I open a channel to help you release any negative energy that may have come up during the session as well as call in the vital life force energy of Spirit to help restore your mind/body/spirit. Details of each option are available on my "services" page. 

The blessing of a “combo” session -

Reiki + Spiritual Companioning

The advantage of receiving a spiritual direction/companioning session along with a Reiki session is that it offers a holistic combination of both emotional and spiritual support that can then be directed to the physical body to release any blocks, clear negative energy and open up channels within the body that allow your body and spirit to be even more receptive to the healing energies of divine grace. 


Indian master Swami Sri Kaleshwar has identified twelve blocks that most people contend with at some point in their lives. They are: 1. Anger 2. Anxiety 3. A suspicious nature 4. Not forgiving 5. An unloving nature 6. Hatred 7. High, imbalanced kama energy 8. Impatience 9. A high level of insecurity 10. A feeling of unworthiness 11. Feeling left out 12. Feeling rejected.


Swami Kaleshwar recognizes that all of these blocks are very human, and that we all deal with them occasionally. But he also points out that when we carry them for long periods of time, they can create an energetic barrier which blocks the divine energy of love and grace from flowing freely. By experiencing a session where we receive both emotional support (at the level of the psyche)  and spiritual support (at the level of the spirit in the body) , we can enter into an even greater state of wholeness. 

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